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Tnpsc group-2 general knowledge questions in English language part-001

Written By Rajakrishnan on Thursday, September 5, 2013 | 10:00 AM

General Knowledge online Quiz-001
  1. Forest Research Insitute in Imphal Dehradun Darjiling Allahabad
  2. An adult dog has ____ permanent teeth 42 32 34
  3. Who is known as ’Iron Lady’.she was Britain’s first female PrimeMinister Margaret Thatcher Angela Merkel Sanjana Kapoor Sunita Narian
  4. These caves are located in Kerala’s wayanad district and are over 10,000 years old. Edakkal Bhaja Narthamalai Badami
  5. India wins the Cricket World Cup for the second time after a gap of 28 years 2011 2009 2008
  6. National Institute of sports Ranchi pune Patiala Bengaluru
  7. The land of Golden Fleece Asia pune Australia Bengaluru
  8. The sugar Bowl of the world Cuba Kerala Japan
  9. Krebs cycle takes place in Chloroplast Mitochondria Peroxisomers Cytoplasm

  10. Blood sugar level is increased by FSH Glucagon Insulin TSH


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