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ILanguage  Part B  ENGLISH  Paper I

Time Allowed: 2.30 Hours

Instruction s i) Check the question pa per for fairness of printing. If there is any I Maximum Marks: lll

back of fairness, inform the Hall Supervisor immediately,
 .Use Black or Blue ink to write, and pencil to draw diagrams.


Part  I '
Choose the appropriate synonyms of the underlined words: '
Paari is a @me (1) exampie of a student who combinesjn him brilliance in
studies and proficiency in sports. His acgomgiighmegljg (2)‘bring him success in
both. He is looked upon as a model (3) student in'every aspect. He loves ¿Log (4).
He considers a career-(5) in music.

1) a) uneven b) unequal _ c) unfailing d) uncommon
- 2) a) merits b) abilities c) values d) qualities

3) a) best b) fitting c) ideal . d)suitable
4) a) children b) parents c) friends d) animals '
5) a) performance b) occupation l c) achievements d) experience

- our questions though some of them were SHIK (3). He was @omai (4) among

Indians. Hè had a strange (5) personality.­

1) a) greeting b) saluting  c) reception d) fareweH

2) a) openly ' . b) bluntly c) covertly d) directly

3) a) absurd b) wise c) stupid d) fooiish

4) a) superior . b) paluper c) strange « _ d) piteous

5) a) popular __ b) unpopular " c) foolish d) fortunate

 _   Part  II

The common expansion of TNPSC is » ' _
a) Tamil Nadu Police Service CommissionI
b) Tamil Nadu Public Service Committee

c) Tamil  People Seŕvice Commission

d) Tamil Nadu Pu blic Service Commission

Fill in  blanks with the correct homophones:

_' do you ______ woollen clothes? (wear, where)
Replace the underlineed word with its equivalent American English word:
The fan spins anticlogkmse.  .  '. - _ _ - '
Which of the words given below can  placed  the word gable to
form a compound word?  _ -  

a) role , b) leader c) manager d) tennis
what is the |5Iural form of the word .'datum'? _

a) data b.) datums c) datumses d) datum
Add a prefix to the word­ 'noble' to complete sentence:

Don't be' .

a) in b) ig ' c) un d) no

Replace the underlined ­word in the sentence with one of the phrasal verbs
given b_elow to convey the same meaning:
The teacher said, "Sèe the  on the wali".

a) look  r b) look _info c) look at d) look upI
Separate the syllables of any one of the following words:­
a) articulate b) yields c) loyal


Choose the appifopriate word to _make a meaningful sentence:
The songs were the of his chiidhood dlays. -
a) damour b') glamour



Construct a sentence using one of the following words given below:
a) rain b) rainy  c) raining


Reframe the sentence using the underlined word _as a noun:

The model is Mäßig.

. Which of the two sentences given below conveys the following meaning?

Nathan never listens to me.
a) Nathan ever listens to me.
b) Nathan hardly listens to me.


Part  I '

Answer all thè questions:

Which of the options given beiow will suit the follo'wing sentence?
If we harvest rainwater
a) Our future would be safe.


b) Our future will be safe.

c) Our future would have'been safe.


ldentify the pattern ofthe following' sentence:

On the very evening of September 11, 2001 the terrorists attacked the Twin Towers.

a) Asvo b) SVAA c) SVGA

Choose the correct question tag for the following statement: _
Character i5 influenced by Surrounding ?


a) is it?   b) isn't they? c)  it?

Complete the sentence:


Mettur dam is _ Vaigai dam`.

a) so large­ as * b) the largest ' c) larger than


Choose the sentence which' correctly conveys the meaning of the sentence
given below:

Each student will get a prize.

a) AH students  get'prizes.

-b) One student will get a prize.

c) Each student won't get a prize.

Complete the sentence:


Peter Gleick, the tensions will lead to violence.
a) Due to b) According to c) In order to
Choose the correct verb form to complete­ the sentence:
They wake up every morning ' over water.


a) to fight b) fighting - c) fought


Choose the appropriate article to complete the sentence;
The beggar was one of . richest men in Europe.
a) a b) an  c) the

Choose the correct phrase tocomplete the sentence:
Show concern


a) for the poor

 the appropriate preposition to complete  sentence:


last Dad found a job in an accounting firm.
a) Irl b) At c) For

Answer áll the following:

_ 5x2=10
Combine the two sentence into a single sentence:

Rewrite as directed:


She opened the door. She started cieaning the room.
Rewrite the sentence in the other voice:


Arjun Bajpai scaled the Mount. Everest and he was honoured by all. -
Rewrite the sentence indirect speech: '


The girl exclaimed in sorrow that she had lost her purse.


From the context of the two sentences given below form a single sentence-
using  _

Don't waste rain water. _Otherwise you will suffer.

b) on the poor 'c) with the poor

10E1 _ 3 _ìn TVK
29. Readthe following sentences about a group of animals and write your
observation in a single sentence using any one of the degrees of comparison:
a) A deer runs 25'kmfhour.

b) A giraffe runs 45 kmfhour.
c) A horse'run's 50 kmfhour.
d) A cheetah runs 65 km/hour.
e) An elephant runs 30 km/hour.

' -Part  III
30. Punctuate­ the following sentence: 5

i i.wont go without my fathers word said casabla'nqa __

.  Part  I -
Answer briefly any five. of the following questions: 5x2=10

31. _Why isthe model's face his fortune?
32. Why  Hughie angry with Trevor?

33. What is the significance of art? _

 Which period of life dOeSGcJhaIa consider a very happy one?
35. What makes students give way to emotions easily?
36. What is a metropolis?
37. What according to Peter Gleick will be the future when the water suppiies are ldiminishelzl?

 Part  II  
Answer in a paragraph any one of the following questions:
38. .a) Who was  What was the result ofHughie's mistaking the Baron fora beggar?
b) What'iesson does Messiaen teach _mankind through his attitude towards
music while he was in the concentration camp?  '
c) What are the various duties of a student? Describe any two duties of a


student as pointed out by Gokhale. '


Part    i '
Quote from memory one of the following extracts:

39. a) Five lines from the p_oem "Ma'nliness'"

b). Five lines from the poem “Going for water"

From : "If you can meet
To : ' nothing in you".

From : "With Iaughter...............
To : heard the'brook“.

_  Payt  II _
Read theI following sets of poet-ic lines and answer the questións given below:

'   " _
40. Water to seep slowly through, A Geode can split

a) Whencan a Geode split?
b) _What is a Geode? .

41. A  sitting under the piano, -

c) Who is the child sitting under the piano?
42. And treat those two impos'tors just the same.

d) Who are the two impostors?­ , '
43. With Paughter when she found us soon.

a)  is 'she' referred to here?

' ' . ' Part  III
Read and answer the questions given below: 5X

44. Piles of purple crystals

Sparking in the light
a) Pick' out the words in "ailiteration".
45. What gems would we see? Perhaps a beautiful heart.

 a) Identifythe figure of speech used here.
46. The tinkling piano our guide.

C) Identify the figure of Speech.

_ a) Metaphor b) Onomatopia , c) Simile ' d) Anaphor'a

47. A note as from a single place,

A slender tinkling ’fall that made
New drops that floated on the
Like pearls, and now a Silver blade.
d) Pick out the rhyming words.

48. Have y'ou noticed how some people

May seem plain a5 plain can be?
e) Find out the figure of speech.

. .  Part  IV
Answer in_la paragraph any one of the following questions;

49. a) What message does the poet give u's through a geo'de?

b) What are the poet`s reminiscences about his childhood days?
c) Describe the various quali-ties of manliness.

50. Read the passage given below and answer the questions: 5X2=10
The Mettur dam is a large dam in India builtin 1934. It was constructed in a
gorge,I where the river' Kaveri enters the plains. The dam is one of the oldest in .
India. It provides irrigation facilities to a part of Salem, the length of Erode,
Namakkal, Karur, Tiruchirapalli and Thanjavur. The Mettur Hydro Electric Power
Project is also quite large. The darn, the park, power stations and hills make
Mettur a tourist attraction.

b) What are the districts which  irrigation from the

c) Is the Mettur Dam a place of tourist attraction?

d) When was  Mettur dam built?

e) Say True or False: Coal is  to generator _Hydro Electric Power. _
51. Identify and correct the errors: ' l

a) The Jailor let Messiaen   music in the. prison'.

b) Mohan's hlandwriting isgòòder than that of Siva.

c) A  is'costlier than a cellphone.

d) "You i5 the most brilliant girl-in the class".

e) I clon-'t agree to you.
52. Look at the picture given below and answer the following questions: 5 x 1


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