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Written By Unknown on Monday, September 9, 2013 | 10:19 AM

General knowledge quiz online part-001 Gk online exam, current affairs online exams free here General Knowledge online Quiz-001
  1. Krebs cycle takes place in Chloroplast peroxisomes Mitochondria Cytoplasm
  2. Who among the following was the first to make use of artillery in warfare in india Ibrahim Lodi Babur Sher Shah Akbar
  3. "Kathak" is the principal classical dance of North India karnataka Orissa Kerala
  4. The kinds of souls according to sivia siddhanta are 2 3 5 7
  5. The word Tattva Darsana means Nyaya Shaki Vision of truth True Bhakti Vision of Light
  6. The Bhagavad gita consists of 12 chapters 13 chapters 16 chapters 18 chapters
  7. Blood sugar level is increased by FSH TSH Glucagon Insulin
  8. Decible is a unit to measure the Intencity of sound Intencity of radiation Intencity of heat Intencity of light
  9. Regressed corpus luteum is called corpus lentia corpus albicans corpus degeneratum corpora allata
  10. The sex cells are produced by the process of meiosis amitosis mitosis none


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